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Fiber Optics & Silicon Photonics

Your one-stop motion control shop for fiber optics and silicon photonics manufacturing.

We help you manufacture and test your photonics devices more precisely and economically, all while reducing your implementation risk.

Precision Optical Alignment & Probing

Our nanometer-level positioning solutions, along with our controls and alignment algorithms, help you minimize insertion loss and probe optical components with high throughput. Partner with our experts to develop, test and ensure success in your manufacturing process.


Wafer-Level Optical Processing

With 45+ years of experience providing automation technologies to the world’s largest semiconductor equipment vendors, we can automate your manufacturing process – from photonic integrated circuits (PICs) to discrete optical components.

Assembly & Packaging Processes

We automate many precision production processes, including component placement and assembly, part loading and unloading, epoxy dispensing, UV curing, laser welding and more.


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Get – and stay – light years ahead of your competition.

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