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Regional Health Highlights

As “The Future of Healthcare” established, the medical world has changed dramatically in a short amount of time. It’s hard to imagine crude practices that existed a century ago, like bloodletting and asthma cigarettes, in comparison to the treatments of today’s digital world. This time of change has significantly improved humans’ overall quality of life in 2023. Four indicators of this improvement are life expectancy, infant mortality, literacy and poverty.
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Motion Actuator Designs for Electro-Optic Test Systems

This article discusses motorized angular drive mechanisms and performance differences between direct-drive gimbals, indirect-driven gimbals and articulated-arm robots for electro-optic (EO)testing applications. From this article, readers will gain an appreciation for the pros and cons of each drive technology and be able to make better choices when deciding which automated testing system would be best for their EO testing applications.
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